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Alexander C. Mclean

Sports and therapeutic




1160 Victoria ave, Lemoyne, Qc

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Alexander C.


(ART, SFMA, M2T-Blade/PODs) 

Beginning his career in 1992 as a physiotherapy assistant at the Centre de Physiothérapie Brossard, Alexander Charles Mclean then went on to train as a massage therapist in order to pursue Active Release Techniques.

Over the last 16 years he has come to develop his own approach combining Active Release Techniques and sports massage, drawing from various techniques of manual therapy like deep tissue massage and Rolfing.


Using his skills both in the clinical setting and out in the field, Alexander has quickly become a reference in competitive sports working with both professionals and amateurs in sports such as triathlon, crossfit, dragon boating, bodybuilding, powerlifting, football and hockey.


Therapist for Dragon Boat Canada, Alexander accompanied Team Canada in Hungary and Niagara for the 2013 & 2015 IDBF world championships. He also provides treatments for the athletes during the Canadian Ironman races at Mont-Tremblant from 2012 to 2017 and for the RedBull Crashed Ice in Ottawa.

His career has also led him to collaborate with film and television productions. 

Alexander is also currently one of two ART instructors in Quebec, and has taught at seminars in Montreal, Toronto, New-York, New-Orleans and Paris.




The AC Mclean approach combines Active Release Techniques (ART) , biomechanical evaluations like FMS and SFMA, with sports massage and tools such as cupping and fascia scraping.


ART is a manual therapy technique that consists in very specific soft tissue work combining pressure, tension and movement.  By mobilizing the soft tissue (skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia) we can quickly and efficiently treat pain, tension and even inflammatory pathologies such as tendonitis, capsulitis, bursitis and fasciitis, and re-establish proper biomechanics.


This allows not only to treat injuries, but also work towards preventing them and optimizing performance.


This approach is for everyone, from high level athletes to children and pregnant women.


Alexander C. Mclean

Massage therapist


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